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Safeguarding our members personal information is a top priority for First Community, so we like raise to member awareness and give them tips on how to protect their personal information from this social engineering scam.

Hang up on spoofed FCCU calls

If you get a call that looks like it’s from First Community Credit Union (FCCU), think twice. Scammers are spoofing FCCU’s number to try to get your personal and financial information.  The caller will pressure you to provide your financial details – like your Debit Card, PIN number or Online Banking login. But it’s not really FCCU calling. Yes, it is the FCCU’s real phone number, but the scammers on the phone are spoofing the number to make the call look real.

What can you do if you get one of these calls? Hang up. Remember:

  • Real FCCU employees will never ask you for your Debit Card, PIN number or other financial information. 
  • If you have any doubt or feel uncomfortable with the requests, hang up and call FCCU directly. Call 281-856-5300 – that really is the phone number for FCCU. If you dial that number, you know who you’re getting. But remember that you can’t trust caller ID. If a call comes in from that number, you can’t be sure it’s really FCCU calling.
  • If you get a spoofed call, report it. If someone calls, claiming to be from FCCU and asking for personal information, report it to FCCU at 281-856-5300.

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