Credit Score Tips

Be sure to maintain your credit report.

Improving your credit score will help you get better rates when getting a loan, as well as on your auto insurance and will show potential lenders that you are responsible with your finances. Here are things to remember to keep your credit score high.

Pay your bills on time

Use whatever you need to remember to make your payments on time. Each time you’re late on a payment it gets reported to the credit bureau as a negative mark on your credit report. Paying each bill on time shows that you are a responsible consumer, and lenders are more likely to approve loans.

Keep balances on Credit Cards low

Not only does keeping your balance low help you pay less interest, it also shows lenders that you pay your debts.

Monitor your credit

You’re entitled to a free credit report every 12 months from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies. Make sure you dispute any inaccuracies that could hurt your credit score.

Only apply for credit that you need

Don’t take more money out than you need. Be responsible with loans and credit cards and plan for emergencies.

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