Fraud Dispute

If you feel that fraud has occured on your debit or credit card, you may file a dispute by completing each step below:

Block the Card

Call 1.833.852.1352 or visit any branch location

Obtain a New Card

- Visit a traditional branch for an instant issued card or
- Order a new card to be mailed to you at any branch or
- Contact the Call Center at 281.856.5300

Verify the fraudulet transaction has posted to your account


File a Dispute with our Claims Department - Steps here


Monitor your account to ensure no further fraud occures


Enroll in a Fraud Monitoring program

Download and enroll in Card Manager

Tips for Preventing Fraud

•Review receipts before you sign
•Monitor your statements
•Keep copies of receipts for your records
•Be aware of your surroundings
•Guard your PIN from fraudster “shoulder surfing”
•Report missing cards immediately
•Don’t reveal personal or financial information in an email, text or over the phone

Become a Member

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