Personal Video Teller Experience

Our personal video tellers are currently serving multiple branches. Our new teller experience provides many benefits to members and FCCU alike, such as:

  • Extended Hours
  • No forms needed
  • Increased Convenience
  • No sending your ID back and forth
  • Enhanced Security
  • Deposit up to 30 bills or checks all at once!

Upon arriving to make a deposit or withdrawal, simply touch the teller screen to connect to an interactive live teller. You will see the teller on the screen just like you would a video call.

Product image

New Privacy Features

Your feedback is important to us and we are listening to improve your experience. Many branches with our interactive teller experience already have a phone and/or chat feature so you conduct your business while maintaining your privacy. All branches will be upgraded to include these privacy features with a:

  • phone
  • chat screen

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