New Person to Person payment option is here!

Here You Go, our new P2P, is conveniently located inside Online Banking to making paying others easy! Need to pay someone back at a group dinner, just say Here You Go! Set up the payment from your debit card and funds will instantly send to the person you want to pay. Don’t waste time signing into another site to send funds when you can send funds through Online Banking.

Follow these easy steps below to send money.

1. Click “Here You Go” and enter the requested information. First time users will be require to Add a card.

2. Enter your Debit Card information

3. Confirm your information

4. After your click Continue, you will have to enter your Debit Card PIN (to validate the card). When entering your PIN, the pinpad will scramble each time you enter a digit. This is randomized by design. Once complete, click Submit.

5. Confirmation screen will display. Save this Confirmation number.

Other features

  • Click History to review your transactions
  • Click Manage Cards to Add or Remove a Debit Card.

Here You Go is not available for Business accounts or new memberships. Members will receive access to Here You go after 60 days.

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