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Current as of 5/11/2021

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15 Year Fixed² 2.375% 2.66% $1,156.61
30 Year Fixed² 2.875% 3.032% $726.06
15 Year Fixed Portfolio Start Rate⁴ 5.000% 5.309% $988.49
30 Year Fixed Portfolio Start Rate⁴ 5.250% 5.431% $690.25
10 - 20 Year Fixed² Please call 281.856.9057 N/A N/A
Jumbo up to $1M³ 3.250% 3.347% $3,481.65
  Type Term (month) Fixed Rate APR1 Variable Rate APR1
Other Mortgage Loans Home Equity 60-240 4.740% - 7.240% N/A
Other Mortgage Loans Home Equity Line of Credit⁵ open N/A 5.25% - 7.00%
Other Mortgage Loans Home Improvement 60-240 4.990% - 7.490% N/A

1 The annual percentage rate (APR), is the cost of credit over the term of the loan expressed as an annual rate. The APR shown here is based on interest rates and points only and does not take into account other loan specific finance charges you may be required to pay. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, which may make the actual payment obligation greater.

2 10 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 20 year fixed, and 30 year fixed payment examples are based on a $175,000 loan amount. Additional terms and restrictions apply.

3Jumbo Loans are loans greater than $798,000 up to $1 Million. 20% down payment required and up to 80% LTV. Rates and terms are subject to change. Additional terms and restrictions apply..

4 10 year fixed portfolio start rate, 15 year fixed portfolio start rate, 20 year fixed portfolio start rate, and 30 year fixed portfolio start rate payment examples are based on a $125,000 loan amount. Any loans financed below the FCCU fixed portfolio start rate may be sold to a third party. Additional terms and restrictions apply. Financing for our best rates is based on 740 Credit Score, loan amount, and loan to value at a minimum of 75%. Lower credit score, Higher LTV's or loan amounts under $125,000 may affect interest rate. Please contact our Mortgage Department with any questions concerning loan programs. All loans are subject to lender requirements.

5HELOCs are only available and must be established under a membership with an FCCU Checking account. Variable rates are based on the Wall Street Journal Prime plus a margin. The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate is listed in the Money Rates section on the last day of the calendar quarter and adjustments to the rate will be made on the following billing cycle of the loan. Maximum APR will not exceed 12%. HELOC minimum loan amount is $15,000. Maximum of $250,000 for first liens and $100,000 for second liens. Borrowers will be responsible for all FCCU and third party fees up to a maximum of 3% of the loan amount.

The rates listed above do not include special program rates and do not apply to cash-out refinances. For those rates contact our Mortgage Department at 281.856.9057.

UNDER THE FEDERAL FAIR HOUSING ACT, IT IS ILLEGAL, ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR, NATIONAL ORIGIN, RELIGION, SEX, HANDICAP, OR FAMILIAL STATUS (HAVING CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18) TO: Discriminate in fixing the amount, interest rate, duration, application procedures or other terms or conditions of such a loan, or in appraising property.

UNDER THE EQUAL CREDIT OPPORTUNITY ACT, IT IS ILLEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE IN ANY CREDIT TRANSACTION: On the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, or age; Because income is from public assistance; or because a right was exercised under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.