Board Members Seek Election

Arlie Beckendorf, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, is pleased to present the nominations for Board Members seeking election for vacant positions. Nominations for the vacancies may also be made by a petition signed by a minimum of 1% of the membership of the eligible voting members of the credit union. If there is more than one nominee per open position, an election by mail ballot will be held. However, the election will not be conducted and there will be no nominations from the floor when there is only one nominee for each position.

All nominations by petition must be sent to the attention of the Credit Union Secretary via registered or certified mail and received no later than Monday, February 11, 2019. An official petition form and candidate resume form may be obtained by writing to:

First Community Credit Union, Attn: Secretary, Board of Directors

PO Box 840129, Houston TX 77284-0129


The following nominees by the committee have met all qualifications to be elected to the First Community Credit Union Board of Directors. Personal statements regarding their candidacy are below.

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Bob Schumacher

“First Community Credit Union is a fast growing financial institution. I have had the privilege of serving as a board member for the past fifteen years. It is important for the continuity of the board to have experienced members to aid in the decision making process. I have learned a lot about the operation of the credit union during this time and hope to continue to serve in a meaningful way the members of our credit union.”
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Martin Miracle

“As a prior business owner, Certified Public Accountant and current business professional, I feel my education and work experience can benefit in the governance of the credit union. I have enjoyed my membership at the credit union for over 20 years and I am impressed with the growth and significant market presence of FCCU. The credit union’s commitment to first-rate customer service is consistent with how I ran my former company and also how I conduct business with my clients. I would consider it an honor to serve on the First Community Credit Union Board of Directors.”

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