Live a balanced life and get a handle on high interest debt with a balance transfer from FCCU. Pay off high rate credit cards or consolidate your balances to make managing payments easier.

Intro rate for 12 months after intro rate expires, rate will be between
0% APR1 9.99% - 17.99% APR1

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Take advantage of lower rates

Transfer your current balances to a lower rate credit card.
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Pay off debt quicker

Spare yourself the pain of high interest payments.
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Simplify your payments

Consolidate your balances to a single monthly payment.


To start your balance transfer follow these steps:

  1. Download the Balance Transfer Request Form below
  2. Complete the information requested
  3. Save the form and send through our Secure File Upload
Download the Balance Transfer Request Form

Don't have an FCCU Visa Rewards Credit Card or need a credit limit increase to transfer balances? Apply now!


1APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Certain credit criteria apply. Rates and terms subject to change without notice. Only valid for consumer credit cards. 0% APR balance transfer rate for twelve months valid on balance transfers made between February 4, 2019 and March 30, 2019 only. Offer valid for new and existing cardholders between the promo dates of February 4th and March 30th. After the initial balance transfer rate of 0% APR expires, standard rate will be between 9.99% and 17.99% APR based on creditworthiness. If payment is delinquent 2 consecutive months, 0% APR transfer rate will be lost. Delinquent is referring to not making a payment. A late payment is not included. By completing and submitting this form, you authorize FCCU to complete the balance transfers listed above for the amount(s) indicated and agree to the $2 or 2% balance transfer fee, whichever is greater. Qualifying balances do not include requests to pay any FCCU account or honor any request to pay “Payee”, “Cash” or person with your surname. Existing FCCU card holder balances not eligible to transfer to another FCCU card. You understand that if the full amount of the request is not approved, a partial payment may be made. You agree to continue to pay at least the minimum amount due on each balance on the account transferred or for any finance or other charges incurred due to delay in transferring a balance. Balance transfer typically take 2-3 business days to complete. Minimum monthly payment is $18 or 3%, whichever is greater. Offer not valid for Business credit cards.

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