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We offer the modern financial tools you need to make everyday life a little bit easier. Manage your money on your computer or with your mobile phone — it’s all up to you! If you need more help, stop in at our friendly branch locations or contact us anytime.

With Online and Mobile Banking, you can handle your account with ease whether at work or overseas. We've got you covered!

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Download the FCCU app today to have your account at your fingertips 24/7!

Download in the Itunes app store for Iphone usersDownload the app in the Google Play store for Android users

If you find yourself in need of making a check deposit on-the-go, use Mobile Deposits through our Mobile App. Simply choose Transactions in the left menu, then Deposit Check, snap a picture of the front and back of your check, submit your deposit and done!

Text Banking

Text banking allows you to text a short code from your phone and you will receive a text message back with options such as your account balance, account history and you can do a quick internal funds transfer as well. 

Enroll in Text Banking within Online Banking. After login, click on Settings > Text Enrollment. Enter your mobile number, agree to the terms and hit save at the bottom.

After signing up, you can text to get the information you need with short commands. Here's how it works:

Text 226563 (BANKME) for:

BAL - Balance Inquiries
HIST - Account History
XFER - Make a transfer between accounts

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Enroll in Business Online Banking

For business members who need to enroll in online banking. 

Peer to Peer Payments (P2P)

FCCU works easily with all P2P apps.