Budgeting for Uncertain Times

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Stay prepared financially for unexpected times with these tips to save effectively.

How to manage your personal finances when you find yourself going through hard times.

  1. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions - Considering canceling or pausing unnecessary subscriptions to recycle that money into more important bills. Once you are financially stable again, you can reactivate all of your favorite subscription services.

  2. Scale back on non-essential items – Consider purchasing store brand items over name brand items in the grocery store when you can.

  3. Contact your bank or credit union - FCCU is offering support for our members through Skip-A-Pay, waived fees and more. Find out more at FCCU.org/Coronavirus

  4. Stick to a strict budget – Create a budget to evaluate your household’s spending. You can look at things you might be able to put on hold while you focus on necessary expenses such as your mortgage payment, car payment, phone bills, etc.

  5. Take up a side job – While driving for Uber or delivering groceries may not be your ideal job, it might help you keep your head afloat during these challenging times.

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