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Living in Houston can be VERY expensive when it comes to energy bills. FCCU gives a few tips on how to lower these costs.

Save money this summer!

Everyone loves to save money, especially on electricity bills. Living in Houston can be VERY challenging to keep your energy bill low, especially in the summer! Here are a few tips that can help.


Schedule your A/C

If you can, schedule your A/C to turn off or keep it a few degrees warmer while you’re out of the house. Although they do make it easier to stick to a schedule, you don’t need a fancy thermostat to schedule your A/C. If you are in the market for a new thermostat, many offer eco mode or allow you to make changes from an app on your phone. This way, if you stepped out and forgot to turn off your unit, you can do so while on-the-go.


Switch your ceiling fan's blade rotation

Did you know that your ceiling fan has two settings? That's right; there is a little switch on the ceiling fan that changes the fan's direction. One way blows hot air which is helpful in the winter. The other way helps cool the room down. Check your manual or google your fan model to see which way the switch should be placed in order to blow cold air.


Change your light bulbs

Switching to LEDs (light emitting diode) or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp) from traditional incandescent bulbs can save you roughly $3.00 per year. Also, LEDs and CFLs last much longer. Take a look at the graph below from the U.S. Department of Energy


Close your blinds

Here's some news, the sun is HOT. Leaving a window open can warm up your room by several degrees. Whenever possible, close your blinds or drapes so that the sun doesn't make your home warmer.
Use these tips to save a bit of money in the summertime and year round. Stay cool!

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