Financial Counselors

Our goal at First Community Credit Union is to be your financial partner for life and make a First-Rate financial difference in our members’ lives. Seeing members’ achieve their financial goals is what motivates us. To help members navigate their financial journey, we have invested numerous hours educating many of our team to be a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor. No matter what financial hurdle you may face, you are able to visit the credit union and speak to a financial counselor about your unique situation.

From building a budget, how to save for a house, planning for the future and more, our financial counselors will talk with you to find the right plan or advice to help you achieve your goals. No matter where you are in life financially, what stage of life you are in and what your goals are, we’re here to help for free! We want to share in your financial successes in life.

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Please Remember

  • No charge to speak with a financial counselor.
  • All branch locations have financial counselors available.

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