Inactive Accounts

Members' accounts and other personal property in safe deposit boxes that have been dormant for more than three to five years are subject to Texas escheat laws. This law states that "if there is NO positive contact" from a member in three years, the account is considered legally abandoned.

The Division of Unclaimed Property requires all banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions to turn over all funds in accounts deemed abandoned to the State of Texas.

Three-year property is all types of checking and savings accounts, matured certificates of deposit, etc.

Five-year property is abandoned safe deposit box contents.

Dormant (for the purpose of this law) is described as having no correspondence, contact or activity from the member. If we cannot prove member contact or activity during the preceding three to five-year period, then these accounts are remitted to the State of Texas, on July 1st of every year. The State of Texas then assumes responsibility for finding and refunding the member of their possessions.

Don't Worry!

You can reactivate your FCCU account by making a minimum $5 deposit or by adding a new product to your existing account.

If you have any questions about reactivating your account and prefer to contact us via email, please email us at

Click HEREĀ to find out if you have unclaimed property.

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