Domestic Wire Transfer Requirements

Be prepared when you call or visit a branch location and have the following required information to complete an Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer:
  • Date
  • Copy of Valid ID
  • Sender’s First and Last Name 
  • Sender’s member and account # (ex. 123456 – 2) 
  • Phone Number 
  • Sender’s email 
  • Sender's Address
  • Purpose of Wire 
  • Amount of Wire 
  • Signature 
  • Receiving Bank Name 
  • Receiving Bank Routing # 
  • Recipient First and Last Name 
  • Recipient Account # 
  • Recipient Address 
  • Swift Code (if applicable) 
  • Further Credit to (if applicable) 
  • Special Instructions (if applicable) 
  • Title Company (if the wire is going to a Title Company)

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