What does APR mean?
APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and this is the most misunderstood term in buying something of value. An APR is the calculation of all the fees that go into closing your loan calculated as percentage over the term of the loan. All fees includes items such as the lender fees, Title Company, mortgage insurance, tax fees and recording fees.
What is your routing number?


What are your hours and locations?


How do I find my account balance?

Online Banking, Mobile App, PAT, Text Banking

When should I get a home inspection done?
Home inspection is always a good idea. The inspector will check plumbing, electrical, structure of the home, roof and foundation of the property. The inspector will give you an analysis of the property and item they find that need to be fixed as well as the estimated cost of those items. You can use this information in negotiating a final price for the home or just to know what to expect from your new home.
Where do I find my member number?

Your member number is the 10 digit number found just to the right of the routing number on your checks.  You may also find your member number on your monthly statement or your loan coupons. 

What is share branching and what type of transactions / services can be done there?

Share Branching is a network of Credit Unions that work together to allow members to handle transactions at another Credit Union.  Deposits/withdrawals/payments/ Balance Inquiries.  Some limits to these transactions may apply. 

Do you offer business Accounts?

Business Checking & Savings

Do you offer notary service?

Yes, we have notary services available at all locations.  You will need to bring your unsigned documents as well as your current ID.  Please see our Fee Schedule for applicable fees.

How do I process a wire?

You may visit a branch or call our Call Center at 281.856.5300 for specific wire instructions.  Fees and cutoff times apply. Click here for details.

How do I update my address and phone #?

You may quickly update your contact information by logging in to Online Banking and choosing Settings-My Profile from the left hand menu.  These changes are immediate.  You may also contact our Call Center at 281.856.5300 or visit a branch to make these updates as well.

What is your Mailing Address

P.O. Box 840129, Houston, Texas 77284-0129

Can I withdraw cash over $10,000?
Yes, if you have the funds available and choose to withdraw the funds in the form of cash, we ask that you call us 3 business days ahead of time so we can arrange to have the funds on-site. We recommend you consider taking large sums of money in the form of a certified check as this is safer than having large sums of cash on you. If you chose to take a check, no advance notice is needed. However, if you would like cash, call us at 281.856.5300 and provide us with the which branch, the amount and when you will be by to withdraw the funds.


How to report lost or stolen card?

You may call 1-833-852-1354 to have your card blocked immediately.  If you prefer- you may also call the credit union directly and choose the prompt to report a lost or stolen card.  You will be transferred to our card processing center that can assist you with this important step. You may then contact our Call Center during regular business hours to request a replacement by mail or you may visit a free standing location (not in Kroger or HEB) for an instant issue card.

Do I need to let you know if I will be using my card while traveling?

In our FCCU Card Manager app, you can notify us of your travel plans by inputting your travel itinerary (where you're going and what days) into the app and enjoy interruption-free card usage. 

How can I change the PIN on my card?

You may change your PIN within our supplemental app FCCU Card Manager. Download the app from the Apple or Google play store and register your debit and credit cards. Make sure the app is showing your debit card and select Manage Card > Manage PIN. Enter your current PIN and then choose your new PIN. Click Continue when you are done and your new PIN will take effect immediately.

Or, you may call 1.833.852.1354. Enter your card number and when prompted and choose option #2 to change your PIN.

If you don’t know your current PIN, you will need to stop by any location of FCCU and we will assist you in repining the card.

How do I dispute an unauthorized or fraudulent charge on my card?

You may contact our Claims department at 1.833.852.1354 to file your claim. 


Do I find the house first or apply for the loan first?
It’s best to get the prequalification for the home loan first. This will save you time in the long run as most realtors want to know you are prequalified before they show you homes. It also lets the realtor know what price range homes to show you.
How do I apply for a loan?

You may apply online, in a branch or by phone.  If you would like to apply online, please click here.

How do I know I qualify for a home loan?
FCCU will take some information that allows us to pre-qualify you for your new home loan. We will then issue you a prequalification letter that will indicate the maximum you can qualify for on your new home loan.
How do I make a loan payment from another financial institution?

You may use your primary Financial Institution’s Bill Pay service, mail in a check to FCCU at PO Box 840129 Houston, TX 77284, pay in person at a branch, set up ACH, pay through our Web Payment Center online ($5.00 fee) or over the phone ($15.00 fee). To process this online, click here

How do I obtain the payoff on my loan?

Login to Online Banking and click on your Home Loan to be directed to the Home Loan online portal. Through the Home Loan portal, you may request a payoff online or contact our Call Center at 281.856.5300 or visit one of our branches for an accurate payoff.

How do I request to skip my loan payment?
To submit your request, please visit FCCU.org and login to Online Banking. From the left menu, click on Forms > Skip A Pay. Check the box by the loan(s) you would like to skip, check the I Accept box and then Submit. Fees apply and can be processed once every 6 months. Loans must be established for at least 6 months before a payment may be skipped. You may click here for full details. If you do not see any loans on the Skip A Pay form, it means you do not have any eligible loans to be skipped at that time. 
How do I submit proof of insurance on my car or home?

You may upload it from our website under Loans-Proof of Insurance or directly at  www.myinsuranceinfo.com or you may also bring the proof to a branch location.

How long does it take to close the loan?
It may vary from loan to loan and we work closely with you as the buyer to ensure we have everything we need to close in a timely manner. It’s best to discuss this with your Real Estate Expert since it is a customized loan to your needs.
What documents do I need to apply for a home loan?
At First Community Credit Union you will need the following items to apply for a home loan:
  1. Two months bank and/or credit union statements (all pages)
  2. Previous Two years tax returns
  3. Thirty days of paycheck stubs showing year to date income
  4. A copy of all buyer’s social security cards and driver licenses
  5. If the down payment is coming from your 401k or retirement fund, you will need to provide a copy of all pages of the last statement


How do I cancel a pending payment in Bill Pay?

When you first log in to Bill Pay- the menu on the right hand side will reflect any pending payments that have not yet been sent out.  Click on the payment in question and choose “Cancel Payment”.

How do I cancel Bill Pay?

Within Online Banking, click on Forms from the left menu. Choose Close acct or service > I wish to cancel my BillPay service > Submit

How do I obtain proof that a payment was sent via bill pay?

You may contact our Bill Pay service provider, ipay, directly at 866-722-8996 or through their chat service when logged in online

How do I sign up for eStatements?
  • Login to FCCU Online Banking
  • From the left menu, click on eDocuments
  • Follow the prompts to make a profile
  • At Document Delivery Reference, select All Electronic
  • Select Save and you are now enrolled in eStatements
I forgot my Online Banking password, how can I reset it?

You may choose the option for “Forgot Password” on our main site under the Member Login section.  You will be prompted to enter your log in ID and then click Submit. You may also contact our Call Center at 281.856.5300 or visit any of our convenient locations for assistance.

If I schedule a payment to go out today through Billpay, when will it go?

Payments scheduled to be sent the same day before 3pm will be processed the same day.  If the payment is scheduled after 3pm, it will not be processed until the next business day.

What is text banking and how do I use it?

Text banking allows you to text a short code from your phone and you will receive a text message back with options such as your account balance, account history and you can do a quick internal funds transfer as well. Click here for further details on signing up and using this service.

When will my mobile deposit be posted?

Mobile Deposits are reviewed and posted on an hourly basis Monday-Friday until 4pm and once on Saturday at 3pm.  Deposits received after 4pm on Friday through 3pm Saturday will be posted at 3pm Saturday. Deposits are processed in the order they are received.


Are home inspections required?

Home inspection is always a good idea. The inspector will check plumbing, electrical, structure of home, roof and foundation of the property. The inspector will give you an analysis of property and items they find that need to be fixed as well as the cost of those items.

Do I find a house first or apply for the Loan first?

It’s best to be Pre-qualified for the home loan first. This will save you time in the long run. Most realtors will want you pre-qualified for the home loan before showing you homes.

How do I know if I qualify for a Home Loan?

FCCU will Pre-qualify you for your new home loan. We will issue you a Pre-qualification letter and give you the maximum you can qualify for on your new home loan.

How much will I need for a down payment?

Our first time home buyers program at FCCU only requires 3% down.

Is an appraisal required?

Appraisal is done by a Third Party and gives FCCU and you the replacement cost and value of the home. They also give us 3 to 5 comparable sales that took place in the past 12 months. This is the major analysis of the true value of the home.

What Documents do I need?
  • Two months bank statements. (All Pages)
  • Two years tax returns (All Pages and Schedules)
  • Thirty days of paycheck stubs. (Show YTD. Income)
  • Copy of Social Security Card and Driver’s License
  • If down payment is coming from your 401K or Retirement funds, provide a copy of all pages of last statement.
What insurance do I need?

The insurance that you need is home owner insurance. This insurance is a 2% deductible and FCCU is the lost payee on the policy along with you the home owner. You can get a quote through Trustage Home Insurance Program and get your credit union discount. However, you can use whatever agent and Insurer you prefer.

What is an APR?

This is the most misunderstood term in buying something valuable. An APR is the calculation of all the fees that go into closing your loan calculated as an annual percentage rate. All fees includes the lender, Title Company, mortgage insurance, tax fees and recording fees.

What is an Escrow?

An Escrow account is established during a real estate transaction as an account for the borrower to deposits funds. These funds cover future taxes and insurance expenses. When a borrower has at least 20% equity in the home, an escrow account is not required.

Why buy a home vs. Rent/Lease?

Owning a home has tax advantages that are not available when you rent or lease. You also will be building equity in your home where rent money is money spent and gone. Lastly, closing costs can be written off come tax time.

Why is it important to lock in my rate?

This is important in case the market changes and pricing or interest rates change during the buying process. This lock is made specific for the Home you are buying.

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