Setting out on your own is a challenge — but you’ll be in great shape with a financial partner that takes the time to get to know you. First Community is the financial partner that can help you stay on track with financially savvy moves every step of the way.

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Start with savings.

When you’re just starting out, the best thing you can do is pay yourself first. An emergency fund can help you avoid one mistake many young people make — going into debt.

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Set up easy checking.

Living on your own means, you’ll need a close relationship with your account balance. Our checking accounts make it easy with debit cards plus online and mobile banking. From high yields to rewards, we’ve got one just right for you.

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Build your credit score.

One smart play is to build an excellent credit history by taking on a reasonable amount of credit, and paying it back on time. Consider applying for our Visa® Rewards, then use your card responsibly each and every month. Just keep your budget and your credit-building goals in mind.

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Get on the road.

Newfound independence often requires a new set of wheels — and living on a budget means you need a great rate. We make buying a vehicle more affordable with competitive auto loans and special offers. Shop our preferred dealers and get pre-approved for more negotiating power!

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Put down roots.

Do you hope to own a home? No matter how longterm your goal, we can help you get there. Talk to our expert real estate team for help with the entire home buying process. Want to get ready? Set savings goals, get pre-qualified, and understand every detail of home financing.

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Don’t forget retirement.

When work life is just beginning, it can be tough to plan for retirement. But starting now is the best step you can take to increase your chance of success. Even small deposits add up over the years — talk to our investment team about starter investment options, today!


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