Auto Payment Options

Various ways to pay your loan with FCCU

Payment Options

Pay your way with our payment options.

Paying on your loan or credit card has never been easier! Choose the payment option that works best and is most comfortable for you.

Pay from an FCCU Account.
Make FCCU loan payments from one of your FCCU accounts in 4 easy steps. 
  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking.
  • From the left menu, select Transactions > Visa & Loan Payments 
  • Select the FCCU account to pay your loan from and then choose the loan account to pay. 
  • Click Submit and you’re done!
Pay by automatic transfer from another Financial Institution.
Make payments easier by setting up Automatic Transfers from another credit union or bank. Call us at 281.856.5300 to set these up.

Pay through our Web Payment Center.
Make an FCCU loan payment using a debit or credit card from another credit union or bank through Online Banking or by clicking the link to our Web Payment Center below. Note that each payment takes 2 to 3 business days to post, and will be assessed a nominal fee of $5.

Pay using a Bill Pay Service.
Make an FCCU loan payment from another credit union or bank using their Bill Pay service. NOTE: Bill Pay is not accessible via the Safari browser. To use Bill Pay, please access it through Online Banking using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you’re unsure of what browser you have, please visit Also, when setting up Bill Pay services from another financial institution, include your member number and loan number as one. For example, if your member number is 1234560 and your loan number is 155, input your account number as 1234560155 to ensure proper crediting.

Pay by Mail.
Mail your payment to :
First Community Credit Union
PO Box 840129
Houston, TX 77284-0129.

Pay in Person.
Visit any of our convenient locations to make a credit card/loan payment. Or, call 281.856.5300 to make a payment over the phone. A convenience fee of $15 will apply for payments processed by phone.

Note: per VISA guidelines, VISA Credit Cards are excluded as a loan payment option. VISA Debit Cards are still an acceptable means of payment, as are other credit card types, such as MasterCard.

How do I make a loan payment from another financial institution?

How do I make a loan payment from another financial institution?

You may use your primary Financial Institution’s Bill Pay service, mail in a check to FCCU at PO Box 840129 Houston, TX 77284, pay in person at a branch, set up ACH, pay through our Web Payment Center online ($5.00 fee) or over the phone ($15.00 fee). To process this online, click here

How do I obtain the payoff on my loan?

How do I obtain the payoff on my loan?

Login in to Online Banking, click on Payments and Transfers in the left menu > Mortgage Payments. This will take you to your eStatus Connect account where you can click on the Payoff Request button at the top right to obtain the most up-to-date payoff amount for your mortgage. If you have any questions, email us at or call us at 281.856.9303.

How do I request to skip my loan payment?

How do I request to skip my loan payment?

To submit your request, please visit and login to Online Banking. From the left menu, click on Forms > Skip A Pay. Check the box by the loan(s) you would like to skip, check the I Accept box and then Submit. Fees apply and can be processed once every 6 months. Loans must be established for at least 6 months before a payment may be skipped. You may click here for full details. If you do not see any loans on the Skip A Pay form, it means you do not have any eligible loans to be skipped at that time. 

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