Could a Balance Transfer Work for You?

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As you navigate your monthly finances and budget each week, sometimes a little help may be needed. One solution could be a balance transfer.

How to save money with a balance transfer

As you navigate your monthly finances and do your best to budget each week, sometimes you need some help. Getting a loan can be difficult, and you don’t want to take on more debt. One solution could be a balance transfer.

A balance transfer typically involves consolidating your credit card payments. You may own one or more credit cards and have, over time, charged up balances on them. There may be multiple interest rates on the cards, and you may be feeling overwhelmed with trying to make sure all the payments are met each month.  
A balance transfer from FCCU could elevate some of that stress.  
For example:
Current Credit card(s)                     FCCU Rewards Credit Card
Balance = $10,000                              Balance = $10,000
Interest rate = 19.99%                         Interest rate = 0% (First 12 months and then as low as 9.99% after introductory rate.)
Total interest                                       Total interest
paid over 12 months = $1,022            paid over 12 months = $0
An FCCU Balance Transfer Credit Card Could Help You:

  1. Take advantage of lower interest rates
  2. Pay off debt quicker
  3. Simplify your payments down to one per month

By transferring all of your independent credit card debt to one singular credit card with FCCU, you can not only benefit from a much lower interest rate but also trim debt like credit card payments down to one per month. Paying off credit card debt is an essential step in maintaining financial health and will make it much easier to create and keep a monthly budget for your family.
Visit us at for more information or to apply for an FCCU Rewards Credit Card today!

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